Triple Your Profits

thrilled to triple profitsBy increasing your sales and reducing your costs, your monthly profits should improve significantly.

The first thing you will notice as a member of the US Restaurant Alliance is that your discounts on food and beverages will immediately translate into a ROI of ~ 30% to 40%.

Over time, you will realize discounts on other items such as kitchen and office equipment, plates, cutlery, uniforms, cleaning services, etc.  This will increase your ROI.  In addition, as you learn to support our marketing initiatives and training modules, your ROI will continue to increase even more.

By using and supporting USRA's programs over the next 24 months ... your sales should increase by ~ 10% to 25% AND your costs should decrease by ~ 10% to 25%.  The combination of these increases and decreases should work together to TRIPLE YOUR MONTHLY PROFITS!